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9780007395576 - Marion Zimmer Bradley: Ancestors of Avalon - Livre


Ancestors of Avalon (?)

Livraison à partir de : AllemagneNouveau livre

9780007395576 (?) ou 0007395574

, langue inconnue, Harpercollins Publishers, Nouveau
Livraison gratuite
Ancestors of Avalon: The full sweep of the rich history of Avalon - from the fall of Atlantis to the founding of a new temple on the mist-shrouded isle of Britain - is finally revealed in this magnificent tale.The priests and priestesses of Atlantis have known for many years that the Sea Kingdoms were doomed. But now the final destruction has arrived they find themselves less prepared than they had thought for what lies ahead.Micail and Tiriki, prince and princess of the last island to fall, as well as priest and priestess, are separated during the final escape. Micail and his cousin, Prince Tjalan, successfully arrive at their planned destination, a trading post in the Hesperides (the British Isles) where Tjalan loses no time in taking charge. He dreams of continuing the traditions of Atlantis and founding a glorious new empire - whether the local tribes like it or not. Micail and the other priests dedicate themselves to fulfilling an ancient prophesy that they will build a great temple in this new land - and set about finding a way to shift the huge blocks of granite that will become Stonehenge.Micail`s beloved wife Tiriki also arrives in the Hesperides, but, blown off-course by a storm, her ship lands on the wrong shore. She and the elderly priest Chedan lead their small group in forming a new community in harmony with the local population at the sacred Tor (Glastonbury). Once the two groups become aware of each other, conflict will become inevitable.A deeply moving and utterly convincing tale of faith in the face of adversity, filled with memorable characters and haunting landscapes. Englisch, Ebook
Données de 24-10-2015 14:25h
ISBN (notations alternatives): 0-00-739557-4, 978-0-00-739557-6


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