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9781980334477 - Jack London: Martin Eden: (Annotated) (French Edition) - Livre
Jack London (?):

Martin Eden: (Annotated) (French Edition) (2018) (?)

Livraison à partir de : États-Unis d’AmériqueIl s’agit d’un livre de pocheNouveau livre

ISBN: 9781980334477 (?) ou 1980334471, en français, 331 pages, Independently published, Livre de poche, Nouveau

8,12 (US$ 10,00)¹ + Expédition à la France: 6,48 (US$ 7,98)¹ = 14,60 (US$ 17,98)¹(sans obligation)
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--------------------------------------Inside the book--------------------------- Hello everyone this e-book is created exclusively for kindle and lulu readers. In this ebook you will enjoy and feel the content so that your ebook reading will become more interesting. Note: Original content from the author is highlighted. You will find extraordinary content,images & design. Some extra features like author biography,author quotes etc. is also included. If you love this ebook don't forget to give it 5 stars. --------------------------------------Description of this e-book------------------------------------------- Martin Eden (1909) is a novel by American author Jack London, about a struggling young writer. This book is a favorite among writers, who relate to Martin Eden's speculation that when he mailed off a manuscript, 'there was no human editor at the other end, but a mere cunning arrangement of cogs that changed the manuscript from one envelope to another and stuck on the stamps,' returning it automatically with a rejection slip. While some readers believe there is some resemblance between them, an important difference between Jack London and Martin Eden is that Martin Eden rejects socialism (attacking it as 'slave morality'), and relies on a Nietzschean individualism. In a note to Upton Sinclair, Jack London wrote, "One of my motifs, in this book, was an attack on individualism (in the person of the hero). I must have bungled, for not a single reviewer has discovered it.", Paperback, Label: Independently published, Independently published, Produktgruppe: Book, Publiziert: 2018-02-19, Studio: Independently published
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